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SNAP Food Challenge Blog – Teri Knight – Day 3

March 29, 2017

When I was young and lived on less, I always knew that I could go to mom and dad’s house and get a great meal. Mom would send food home with me too. I loved leftovers!  I didn’t realize then how blessed I was to have that option.

As Superintendent Hillmann noted, in Northfield, we have Thursday’s Table, we have local churches who offer community meals. Schools offer free and reduced lunches. But you have to know they’re there.  Searching out those options isn’t difficult for me now, but in my younger days, it would’ve been.

The Mindfulness of Our Most Basic Needs

I’m grateful for the CAC and the Food Shelf. I could go there if I needed to as long as the community supports it. A Facebook poster told me about Fare For All wherein anyone can get meat and produce at a reduced price. She’s also noted that some of the gas stations sell certain items cheaper than the grocery store. The real point here is she has to be INTENTIONAL.

And that is the real challenge for me: INTENTION, the mindfulness of our most basic of needs. Measuring, considering more carefully before buying. If I took medication, would I be able to pay for it too?  What about the heat bill? The electric bill? And so on.

And then guests came into the KYMN studios from Germany and brought me German chocolate!! ARG.  It’s speaking to me …  resisting … I made it several hours before I had to have a bite! That’s another thing … friends have also offered to feed me. How lucky am I that they just automatically thought to share!