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Our Gratefulness Abounds

November 23, 2009

Jim Blaha, Director
Jim Blaha, Director

It has been a challenging year, to be sure. But the Community Action Center has weathered economic and social changes for 40 years, and we knew that with the help of our community, we could do so again – and we have. So, to celebrate the season and remind ourselves of why we do what we do, here are just a few of the things we are most grateful for this year.

  • The clients who regularly share their stories of renewed hope and success after receiving assistance from the Community Action Center, and who inspire us daily to continue our work.
  • Our hard-working Board of Directors and their commitment to our mission and goals.
  • The United Way, for continued funding and support.
  • The spirit of hope, care, perseverance and ingenuity in the Northfield area community.
  • The 1,750+ volunteers who assisted with our outreach programs from July 2008 to June 2009
  • Our dedicated full- and part-time staff members, whose efforts touch so many in our community.
  • The generosity of our Northfield area neighbors who have contributed to our community with their gifts of time, material goods and financial support through the Community Action Center.

My sincerest thanks to everyone for your support this year. We have, indeed, served a record number of people and we will likely do so again in 2010. With your help, we are most certainly up to the challenge.

Warmest Regards,

Jim Blaha