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Tom & Linda Blaisdell Family Community Fund

Community Action Center of Northfield (CAC) has announced the creation of a new fund that honors the legacy of Tom and Linda Blaisdell. Tom, Linda, and their children, Missy, Amy, and Tim moved to Northfield in 1975. The Blaisdells were originally from small towns and communities in southern Minnesota. They understood the value of giving their time and energy to make a difference. They were dedicated to their family, friends, and Northfield until the time of their passing.

The Tom and Linda Blaisdell Family Community Fund will initially support the final construction costs of CAC’s Hillcrest Village, a project that is a first-in-the-nation net-zero energy emergency shelter and supportive housing development. The fund will also provide a dedicated financial resource to Hillcrest families who are experiencing hardship and need direct financial assistance.

Tim, Linda & Amy Blaisdell
Tim, Linda & Amy Blaisdell

“Our family has always been committed to making a positive impact in our community,” said Amy Stauffer, daughter of Tom and Linda Blaisdell. “If Tom and Linda were alive today, they would have jumped headfirst into this new development project with the same gusto they did everything else in their lives.”

“Hillcrest Village was born from the idea of a community barn raising,” said Scott Wopata, Executive Director of CAC. “So many community members, volunteers, contractors, and partners have rolled up their sleeves to ensure the success of this critical project. It is an honor to live out the legacy of the Blaisdell family as our community crosses the finish line with Hillcrest Village.”

Hillcrest Village is a mixed-income, diverse housing community that includes emergency shelter, supportive housing, and workforce housing. Rental income from Hillcrest Village will be reinvested in partnership with the Tom and Linda Blaisdell Family Community Fund to prioritize the sustainability and success of the fund and Hillcrest for years to come.

Amy Stauffer added, “My parents’ goal was to make Northfield a better place…for everyone. Tom and Linda had the wonderful ability to make everyone they came in contact with feel welcomed and accepted.”

Community members are invited to contribute to the Tom and Linda Blaisdell Family Community Fund at Additional donations will be used by CAC to support people at Hillcrest and throughout the community experiencing hardships.

You can learn more about Hillcrest Village at

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