Transportation Solutions

Transportation SolutionsIn our complex world, where jobs and appointments aren’t always local, having a means of transportation is critical. But for those who do not have a car or cannot drive, finding a means of getting around can be challenging.

To help our neighbors meet critical transportation needs, the Community Action Center offers bus tokens, gas vouchers, assistance with minor car repairs, and Community Action Auto Recycling (C.A.A.R.), a donated vehicle program.

Transportation Program

In rural areas the easiest (and sometimes the only) way to get from here to there is by car. Like food and shelter, transportation is a basic need.  Access to jobs, child care, affordable housing, education, health care, and other services or opportunities often depend on reliable transportation.

Like other rural communities, Northfield has limited public transportation. Commuting to jobs in nearby communities, delivering children to day care, getting to medical and other appointments, or searching for housing or work are challenging when reliable transportation is lacking. The local transit offers “dial-a-ride” service within the city limits. More information about Northfield’s transit system can be found here.

The Community Action Center is working with other agencies, groups and civic leaders to raise awareness of the need for improved public transportation and to develop new strategies to meet that need.

Gas Vouchers

The Community Action Center budgets funds each year for clients experiencing transportation problems. Staff may provide small vouchers (typically $20) for the purchase of gas at a local gas station to permit travel to work or medical appointments.   Only gasoline, diesel fuel, or motor oil may be purchased.

Minor Car Repairs

The Community Action Center offers limited financial assistance for eligible households needing help with minor car repairs (not exceeding $150) for essential transportation for work, school or medical care.

Bus Tokens

We maintain a limited supply of bus tokens for local transportation for individuals or families in crisis. Staff issue these at their discretion, typically to help someone who is homeless and without a vehicle, or someone who needs to get to the Rice County Social Services office at Northfield City Hall. These tokens are provided free of charge, but their availability is limited.

Community Action Auto Recycling (C.A.A.R.)

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