Giving Hope to People in Crisis

Amid the stress of maintaining a job and household, especially when under the added pressure of financial difficulties, the odds of reaching an emotional or family crisis increases. The Community Action Center hopes to prevent the potential fallout of such crises by offering short-term counseling and guidance, problem solving assistance, including enrolling people in our Northfield WORKS program, crisis intervention, advocacy and resource referral.

Client services staff help people in crisis to identify problems and resources. They provide access to those resources through referrals, assistance in the application process and advocacy when necessary. Licensed social workers provide short-term counseling to help clarify issues and options.

Short-term Counseling

With staff assistance, individuals identify the present and underlying problems that interfere with household stability or healthy functioning. Social workers may help people develop plans to resolve problems, restore or maintain stability, and prevent future crises.

Health Care Referrals

The Community Action Center maintains close working relationships with area physical, mental and chemical health care professionals. Staff can assist with making appointments, completing forms, applying for public health-care programs, obtaining assessments, prescription medication, or referrals to free care on a short-term basis.  We are certified MNsure navigators and can assist in completing either an on-line or paper application to obtain health insurance.

Flexible Assistance for Critical Needs

The Community Action Center responds to critical needs on a case-by-case basis through financial assistance allocated within the agency’s budget. Interest-free loans can prevent eviction, help someone into an apartment, or cover minor car repairs when a battery dies. Staff also reserve a limited amount of money for more flexible uses that meet other critical needs.