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Community Action Center’s repurposed fashion show a runaway runway hit

By PAMELA THOMPSON, Northfield News

Oct 6, 2023 Updated Oct 10, 2023

What started as a casual conversation a few years ago between Anika Rychner, Erica Zweifel and Mary Laurel True turned into something much bigger.

The trio led the way in organizing the Runway Revival fundraiser, and it proved a smash hit.

Rychner, senior director at Community Action Center, Zweifel, assistant director of Community Impact, Center for Community and Civic Engagement, CCCE, and True, former manager of the Clothes Closet, wanted to develop a fun way to showcase the Clothes Closet, the CAC’s thrift store that profits that support CAC programs.

“It was actually not even a fundraiser,” said Rychner. “The conversation continued and things evolved quickly when we partnered with Carleton College’s Center for Community and Civic Engagement and started talking about highlighting environmental stewardship, the challenges that fast fashion creates, all the incredible partnerships and organizations in our community doing amazing work to reduce waste, and how CAC also contributes to waste reduction in our everyday work.”

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