Honor Roll of Donors

We are incredibly grateful for many gifts we’ve received in support of our mission to create a just community for all people. In addition to the monetary gifts listed below, hundreds of vital in-kind gifts were made throughout the year.   Thank you for your contribution.  The following gifts were received between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010.

Founders’ Society: over $5,000

Dennis and Beth Berry

Bethel Lutheran Church

Carleton College Staff and Students

Peter Dahlen and Mary Carlsen

Church of St. Dominic

Church World Service

Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches

Hunger Solutions of Minnesota

Scott McMillan


Minnesota Community Foundation

Northfield Area United Way

Northfield Hospital

Northfield Public Schools Staff & Students

Robert and Liz Shepley

St. John’s Lutheran Church

Davis and Rebecca Taylor

United Methodist Church

John North Society: $2500–$4,999

Linda Blaisdell

James and Judith Cederberg

Michael and Kristen Dompierre

First National Bank of Northfield

First United Church of Christ

Brett and Michele Wylder Reese

Peter and Emily Schmitz

William and Nadine Steele

Shelley and Michael Strobel

Bill Titus

Elizabeth and Steven Wheeler

Mary Wood Circle: $1,000–$2,500

Mark and Diana Abbott

Helen Albers

Jerome and Karen Appeldoorn

Lea Ann Ayotte

Mary Kay and James Blaha

David and Martha Brown

David and Ann Brust

Nathan and Kirsten Budin

Susan Lamson Bundy and Russell Bundy

Arthur and Georgiana Campbell

Carol Carlson

Bill and Charlotte Carlson

College City Beverage

William and Loraine Cowles

Barbara and Richard Crouter

Melissa and Dave Donkers

Edina Realty Foundation

Emmaus Baptist Church

Claire Ericksen

Foldcraft Company

Gerald and Carol Gengenbach

Leota and Stephen Goodney

John and Peggy Hanson

Peggy Anne Hawkins DVM

Highview Christiania Lutheran Church

Justin and Beatrice Lemke

Lois Lindbloom

Virginia and Richard Lorang

Cindy and Eric Lundin

Ed and Anne Lundstrom

Perry and Judith Mason

Rachel Matney and Fritz Bogott

John and Sharon McManus

Northfield Fire Department

Northfield Hospital Auxiliary

Northfield Lions Club

Northfield Rotary Club

Kathleen and Randy Olson

David Anderson and Priscella Paton

People in Business Care


Kathleen Rice and Gregory Loek

Donald and Clare Roos

Donald Sahling

Linda and James Sawyer

Lynn Sevick and Inez Madland

St Olaf College Staff & Students

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Gary and Bonnie Van Erp

Constance Van Pelt

Larry and Ginny Walsh

Marilyn and Paul Weiser

Brad and Veronica Wille

Wingate Family Foundation, Inc.

William and Mary Duff Woehrlin

Mill City Leaders: $500–$999

All Saints Episcopal Church

Cheryl and Robert Anderson

David and Joey Appleyard

Nancy and Joan Ashmore

Rebecca Judge & Anthony Becker

Michael & Marlys Behr

Duane and Marie Benson

Melissa and Michael Berthelsen


Bon Appetit

Robert and Lin McLaughlin Bruce

Mary Carson

Robert Carter

Christiania Evangelical Lutheran Church

Stephanie and Bruce Christians

Steven and Patrice Ciernia

City of Northfield

Bill Clifford

Community Resource Bank

Margaret Corrigan

James and Mary Quinn Crow

Mary Ann and David Emery

Engage Print, Inc.

Feinstein Family Fund

Patrick and Kathleen Foley

Food Industry Crusade Against Hunger

Claire and Eugene Fox

Timothy Gamble

Gemini Incorporated

Dennis and Janet Hahn

Melissa Reeder and John Hahn

Valborg Hallan

Marshall and Carla Hansen

Vera Haugen

Carolyn and Kenneth Jennings


Pat Johnson

Edward and Ann Lufkin

Kenneth and Judy Malecha

Dajah McFall and Scott Code

Bohdan and Theresa Melnychenko

Gary and Rebecca Messer

Northfield Pharmacy

M-O-M Cares Employee Foundation

Kari Nelson and Steven Meyer

Dale and Linda Ness

Teresa and Robert Jr. Oden

Rebecca and Derek Otten

Frank and Sandra Petricka

Thomas and Patricia Picha

Bill Poehlmann and Beverly Pierce

Susan and James Pokorney

David and Jane Remes

Jane and Dennis Rinehart

Janice Roetzel

Ronald and Bettye Ronning

Brynhild Rowberg

Alan Rubenstein

Kerry and Judy Running

Connie Bragonier Ryberg and Rev Elton Ryberg

Donna and Peter Scheffert

Richard and ReJean Schulte

Jack and Pamela Schwandt

Seed Partners Ltd

Susan Sheridan

Charlotte and Bardwell Smith

John and Greta Smith

Margaret Spear

St Peter’s Lutheran Church

Jill Strass

Donald Sward

Curt and Karen Swenson

Thomson Reuters

Tri-Lakes Sportsmen Club

Matt and Megan Wagner

Jim and Mary Weidner

Marilyn Will

Jim and Jane Williams

Joy Wolf

Bridge Square Friends: $100–$499

Stephen Albers and Catherine Larson

Connie and Rick Albin

Amy Lynn and Kevin Allin

Barbara and Dennis Altstaetter

Janie and Bob Anderson

Kristy and Darren Anderson

Robert and Mari Aylin

Marlys Ayotte

Heather and JiSoo Bae

Solveig Bailey

Teresa and Robert Ballentine

Ken and Rhonda Bank

Katherine Baty

Gene and Susan Bauer

Donna McMillan and Steven Bayne

Arthur and Mavis Bell

Thomas and Elaine Bell

Kelly Bergman-Hurlbert

Sandy and Ron Beumer

Ida Bickel

Tim Blaha

Pamela and Thomas Blazina

Donna and Enoch Blazis

Bleacher Girls

Marlene Boggs

Bernard and Linda Borene

Stacy and Lee Bowman

Diane Boyum

Dave Broske

Judith Broske

Wilmer Brosz

Julie and Kenneth Brown

Ed and Cynthia Buchwald

Dr. Jon and Grace Buck

Betsey Buckheit

Vicki and Steven Burgess

Darlene Callister

Cannon Valley Friends Meeting

Cannon Valley Lions Club

Nancy and Richard Cantwell

Wayne Carver

Castle Rockers

Central Valley

Viola Cerny

Kenneth J. Cherney & Sarah Bardenwerper

Dean Christensen and Joyce Francis

Ruth Christensen

Jane Christian

Bob and Suzannah Ciernia

Ron and Diane Cirksena

Katharine Clark

Clifford and Grace Clark

Richard and Sandra Clayton

Max Closner

Elizabeth Closner

Thomas and Elizabeth McKinsey Clough

Collegeview Townhomes Owners Association Inc

Ronald and Sue Collen

William Cook

Lori and Dwayne Cowdin

Ray and Ellen Cox

Earl J. and Mary Lou Crow

James and Mary Quinn Crow

Maureen and J. Kevin Culhane

Bill and Penny Cupp

Curves for Women

Dick and Chris Daymont

Eric and Jayne Hager Dee

Patrick and Victoria Delmar

Charlotte and Raymond DeVries

Eugene and Carol Dierksen

Carolyn Dilley

Lorna and Joe Docken

Mary C. Doerr

Anne and Edward Dougherty

Mary and Patrick Douglass

Miriam and Bobbi Drake Bolton

Dan Dressen

Steven and Mary Drew

Mary Dunnewold and Jeffrey Ondich

Steven and Joann Eaton

Ellen and Jeff Connolly Eckhoff

Helen and John Ellinger

Gerald Fox and Kevin Ely

James Enestvedt

Ken and Dana Engstrom

Christopher and Joan Ennis

Deborah and Richard Schmidt-Erickson

Jerilyn and David Erickson

E. Ruth Ericsson

Rick Esse and Pam Moeller

Jim and Shirley Evans

Pat Fick

Dale and Krin Finger

James and Beverly Finholt

Robert Finke

Robert and Carroll Flaten

Michael Flynn and Angelica Dietz

Lori and David Ronning Folland

Sarah and Matthew Forster

Pat Forsyth

Elsie and Keith Forsythe

Bonnie and Larry Fowler

Fraternal Order of Eagles

John and Linda Frederick

Donna and Dale Fredrickson


Dolores Fritz

Full – O – Pep 4-H Club

Carolyn and Eric Fure-Slocum

Edwin and Louise Gass

Sherry and Gregory Gelineau

Robert and Jane Gelle

Samuel and Curwin Gett

Dr. Terry and Norma Gilbertson


Lois and Richard Goehtz

David and Katarzyna Gonnerman

Goodbye Blue Monday Corp

Beverly Gorr

Nick Graff

Kathryn and Thomas Graham

Nathan and Heather Holen Grawe

Nancy Lynn Gregerson

Duane and Marlene Grensteiner

Karen Grisim

Mary Lewis D. Grow

Judith and Marvin Grundhoefer

Richard and Corrie Guggisberg

Jack and Rosemary Haas

Kelly Connole and Anne Haddad

Nancy L. Hagerty

Cheryl and Craig Hall

Christy and Olaf Hall-Holt

David and Patricia Halsor

Mary Hance

Deborah Hadas & Robert Hanson

Alice Hanson

George and Gretchen Hardgrove

Jean and William Haslett

Gerald and Karen Hasse

Teresa and Jay Hasse

Kathryn and Sanford Haugen

Deanna Haunsperger and Stephen Kennedy

Heartman Insurance

Joanne Hebert

Laura Heiman

Karl and Dao Hella

Karen M Helland

Shirley Stowe-Helland

Barbara and Matthew Helling

Jane Henning Gambucci & Eugene Henning

Heritage Dental Care

Shirley Herreid

Dolores Hille

Tim and Carolyn Hogan

Patricia and Robert Hohertz

Barry and Kristi Holden

Nathan Holden

Keith and Torild Homstad

Richard and Denise Hucka

Elizabeth O. Hutchins

Gary and Debra Hvass

Marion Hvistendahl

Douglas and Susan Ims

Joseph and Jeanette Iverson

Sharon and Gene Jasnoch

JBT FoodTech

Paul and Marie Jensen

Steven and Katherine Johannessen

Arlo Johnson

Jim Johnson and Mary Fransen

Jennifer Cox Johnson and William Johnson

Kirsten and Jay Johnson

Georgene M. Johnson

Carla Johnson and Tom Turgeant

Holly Johnson

Just Food:Northfield Community Co-op Inc.

Stacy and William Kelly

Michelle and Brent Keske

Joanne Jonson Kilde

Judith A. King-Harvey

Virginia and George Kinney

Richard and JoAnn Kleber

Paul and Anne Klinefelter

Edward Klinkhammer

Mary and John Klockeman

Barbara and George Klosinski

Barbara Knaak

Charlene Erickson-Knox & Randall Knox

Duane and Elaine Kringen

Mark and Gloria Krusemeyer

Ruth Krusen

Judy Kutulas and Mike Fitzgerald

Dianne and Charles Kyte

Christine Lac

DeAne Lagerquist and Richard Dunning

Kate and Doyle Lahti

Randall and Lisa Landvik-Geyen

Lois and Edward Langerak

Christine and Kurt Arndorfer Larson

Loren and Elizabeth Larson


Jacqulyn Lauer-Glebov

Paula Lawrence

Dr. Walter and Thelma Lee

Jean Leslie

Paul and Barb Liebenstein

Carolyn and Glenn Lindroos

Cecilia Linstroth

Little Prairie United Methodist Church

Beverly Lubbers

Margaret and Michael Ludwig

Charles Lunder

Kent and Ann Lundstrom

Lutheran Home of the Cannon Valley

Diane and Bruce Lyman

Jeannie and John Machacek

Kristina MacPherson

Daniel and Mary Magnuson

Natalie and Gregory Marfleet

Anne Mayer

Jeffrey and Anne Mc Laughlin

Ronald and Diane McDonald

Peter and Peggy Klassen McKinnon

Jane McWilliams

Thomas and Angela Meagher

Charlotte Melin and Matthew Rohn

Gregg and Diane Menning

Gordon and Delores Mickelsen

Todd Middleton

Ernest and Phyllis Foote Milbrandt

Rhea and David Miller

Adrienne Mohrig

Audrey and Bruce Moe

Janet Mitchell

Charles Moore and Ellen Chamberlain

Teresa and Douglas Morris

David and Ellen Mucha

Charles Muckey

Irene and Lawrence Mullen

Janet Murphy


Suzanne Nakasian and Peter Balaam

Elsie Nelsen

Susan and Richard Nelson

Barbara and Bradley Nelson

Kristin Nelson & Andreas Thurnheer

Elaine and Scott Nesbit

Doreen Ness

Kathy and Brad Ness

Thomas Neuville

John Newlin

Richard and Raymonde Noer

Sue and Roger Norsted

Northfield Evangelical Free Church

Gerhard Nygaard

Frank and Joan Odd

Douglas Oines

Norman Vig and Carol Oliver

Peggy and Douglas Olmanson

Duane and Joan Olson

Lyle Oster

Dean and Dorothy Ostlie

Susannah Ottaway and John Battiste

David Otterness

Jayne Overstreet

John and Lora Patrikus Steil

Pamela Percy and Roger Jackson

Marie and James Perry

Kenneth and Jane Persons

Kurt Peters

Paul and Deaun Peterson

Silas Peterson

Mary and Brian Peterson

Lori and Tim Peterson

John Pfeiffer

Bob and Thora Phelps

Polzin Glass

Michael and Berta Porterfield

Jean Porterfield and Patrick Ceas

Thomas and Connie Posch

Karen and Lyle Pownell

Bonita and Kenneth Prawer

Present Perfect

Zachary Pruitt

Marianne and Steven Radtke

Red Barn Music Co-op

Joan and Robert Reitz

Arlene and Richard Reller

Jacquelyn Reuter

David Rice

Kathleen and Daryl Rieck

Myrtle Ringlien

Bruce and Penny Rippentrop

Beverly and Sidney Roberts

Pamela Roberts

Cynthia and Marc Robinson

Sue and David Lawlor Rod

Nanette and Kevin Rodgers

Sue and Cris Roosenraad

Robert Rowe

Anne and Paul Meyer Ruppel

Susan and Steven Sanderson

Thomas Sapp

Mary Lou and Kenneth Sargent

Mary Savina

Daniel and Juliana Sayner

Joyce and Andrew Schlossin

Judi and Jim Schuenke

Darylle and Arnie Schultz

Keith and Gail Setterstrom

Lynne and John Severson

Jennifer and Mark Severson

Charles and Lorraine Sewich

Shirley and Stewart Shaft

Mary and Joseph Shaw

Patty and Warren Shaw

George Shuffelton

David and Donna Sindelar

David and Mary Alice Sipfle

Arlene Sivanich

Solor Lutheran Church

Kathleen and Dale Sommers

Edward Sostek

George and Carolyn Soule

Ed Sovik and Anne Running Sovik

St. John’s Lutheran Congregation

Frederick and Lorelei Stanley

Virginia and Gary Stansell

Charles and Rachel Stark

Jan Stark

Lynn and Mary Steen

Dorothy Steffens

Michelle and John Stenz

Norris and Joyce Stephenson

Peter and Mary Stolley

Frederick Stoutland and Lilli Alanen

Laurie Williams and Jesse Streitz

Kenneth Stuckmayer

Julie and Bob Sullivan


Judy and Steve Swanson

Sally and Daniel Swenson

Syngenta Seeds

Teri Takehiro and Mark Hansell

Erika and Dan Tallman

The Graphic Mailbox

Howard and Julie Thorsheim

Elaine Thurston

United Methodist Church of Castle Rock

Three Links Care Center

Karl and Debra Thomforde

Kathy Tonolli

Trinity Lutheran Church

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northfield

Marlene and Richard Vanasek

Robert and Donna Mae Vanderhoof

Sharon Vangsness

Pamela and Barry Vig

Daria and Lynn Vigesaa

Lynn and Dennis Vincent

Beth and Edward Vivant

Marcia Walters

Joel Weisberg and Janet Watchman

Mary Susan and Frank Weaver

Peter Webb and Karen Saxe

Eve and Clark Webster

Kenneth Wedding and Nancy Ashmore

DeWayne and Theo Wee

Carol and Brian Weix

Linda and Jim White

Elizabeth and Jeffrey Wickmann

Janice and Roger Willems

Roger and Candace Williams

Arlene and Ed Williams

Lisa Wisdorf

Celena and Arnold Witt

Virgil and Ordell Witte

Helen Voss Woehrlin

David and Linda Wolf

Mary Wood

Frank and Ann Wright

Lynne and James Young

Kathleen Yung

Sari and Mark Zach

Paul Zorn and Janet Petri

Rebecca and Philip Zrimsek

Northfield Neighbors:  $1–$99

Maureen and Roger Aaker

David and Martys Ackerman

Mary Adamski and Lance Iginger

Margaret Ahlstrom

Barbara Akers

Sharon Akimoto

Connie and Mark Albers

Felipe Almanza

Andy Alt

Jane and Steven Amundson

Marin Amudson-Graham

Mary and David Amy

Crystal and Darnell Anderson

Linda Anderson

Diane K. Anderson

Charles Anderson

Larry and Marilyn Anthony

Wendy Apitz

Molly and Todd Archambault

Lawrence Archbold

Lyla and Theodore Arneson

Lisa and Christopher Ash

Susan Atwood

Heidi and Mark Auge

Mary and Bernard Auge

Marian Bahl

Katherine Baker and Dennis Easley

Eugene and Lois Bakko

Melvin and Linda Banks

Glenda Banks

Valerie Barnhart

Deborah Bauer

Gayle and Brian Bauer

Roxanne Baumann

Vicki and Fred Behr

Whitney and Brian Bengen

Elizabeth and Ryan Behrens

Faith and Scott Bergemann

Jo Michelle Beld and Timothy Delmont

Liz and Frank Berry

Jane and Michael Bethel

Paula and Bruce Betzold

Corrine and Fred Beumer

Judy and Jim Bickel

Zona Bickel

Kathy Bjerke and Jim Haas

Linda and Edward Blankenberger

Mary and William Bleckwehl

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

Gary and Valerie Bollinger

Bobbi Drake Bolton

Cynthia and Paul Book

Mary Ellen Bowe

Books and Stars

Sharon and Arnold Bornhoft

Perrin Boyd

Brian Borovsky

Dr. David and Cheryl Buck

Susan and Stephen Bovbjerg

Arliss Boyum

Mary Ann and Dennis Brown

Laurel Bradley

Theresa and Curtis Brake

Jeanette Brandt

Elizabeth Breiland

Joyce Briggs

Diane Brodigan

Julie and David Bubser

Nancy Casper

Melissa Buchta

Evelyn Burry

Karen Cherewatuk and Richard Durocher

Angela Burt

Robert Cady

Merilyn Calcutt

Nancy and Dean Carlson

Katie and Andrew Carlson

Kristen M. Carpenter

Nancy and Michael Carriel

June and John Chester

Nancy and William Child

Laurence and Noris Christenson

Elrene and Paul Clauson

Tanya Clay

Dayna Clemment

Patty and Greg Closser

Judith and Mark Code

Glenice Coderre

Richard and Katherine Collman

Dawn and Larry Conrad

Katherine Cooper

Anita and Jay Corwin

Cleve and Sheila Crowningshield

Cub Foods

Karen and Cameron Davidson

Kelly Debnam and Paul Graham

Orrin and Jean DeLong

Rebecca and Douglas DeMann

Myra Dierks

Judith Dirks

Don and Camilla Docken

Carol Doneland and Shannon Spahr

Sandra Drentlaw

Cheryl and Ken Drivdahl

Gloria and Merlin Dubbels

Michelle Duffney

Michelle and Darwin Dumonceaux

Dundas Study Club

Thomas and Megan Durkin

Barbara and Philip Eaves

Jody and Paul Eddy

Gay and Jeffrey Eggers

Steven and Debora Elling

Lisa and Steven Emery

Mary Ann and Ray Eng

Marlene Engstrom

Rolynn and Nancy Ensrud

Sarah and Robert Entenmann

Deborah and Richard Schmidt-Erickson

Doris Erickson

Joan and Rory Ernst

Emily Erwin

Lauri and Bruce Facile

Robert Fast

Debra Fawcett

Gilbert and Eileen Felton

Theresa Cervenka Fierst

Ken and Reggie Fineran

Natalie and Court Fink

Shannon Finnegan

Dudley Flamm

Kaitlin Forsberg

Fortune Cookies Investment

Carrie Flaten

Mike Flicker and Rika Ito

Barbara and John Frame

Margit Fredrickson

Martha and Merle Fremouw

Jodine Friedow

Ed and Linda Erlandson Frost

Diane Hoselton Genova

Karen and John George

Frank and Marie Gery

Stella and Gary Gilbertson

Cynthia and Robert Gilbertson

J. L. Gildner

Robert and Joyce Gill

Jan Gillen

Christyn Gillick

Vicki Glasgow and Catherine Kelley

Amy and Richard Goerwitz

Barbara and Paul Grabowski

Mark and Kathy Grandquist

Tom and Denise Graupmann

Maureen and Eugene Greden

Cynthia Green

Barbara and John Greenfield

Jane Greenwood and Wes Thomsen

Barbara and William Gregory

Sandra and Dennis Grinde

Cindy and Gary Grolla

Lorraine and Peter Grossman

Anne Groton

Lori and Paul Guggemos

Lorraine Gunderson

Kristin and Eric Haines

David and Mary Hakes

Jean Hale

Priscilla and Gary Hall

Eleanor and Norman Halverson

Maxine Halverson

Goldie and Orlien Halvorson

Beverly Hamblin

Liz and Jerry Hankins

Shelley Hansen and Craig Croone

Dennis and Marlys Harris

Kathryn and Robert Hart

Jeanne and Steven Tangren Hatle

Mary and David Hauck

Bob and Karna Hauck

Marilyn Haugen

Tammy and Charles Hayes

Kelly and Jason Hebzynski

Corrine and Elvin Heiberg

Amanda and Ryan Heinritz

Katherine Helgen

Paula and Howard Hemme

Dennis Henry

Joan Hepburn

Penelope Hillemann

Nancy Hinrichs-Haight

Mary Matchefts Ho and Alvin Ho

Joyce and Ernest Hoag

Frieda Hodgkinson

Gerald and Merry Hoekstra

Jim and Caroline Holden

Nicholas Holschuh

Jenny Howenstine

Tom and Sue Huneke

Patricia and Robert Huschle

Grace and Jack Huus

Ann Iijima and Myles Bakke

Patricia Inglis

Kelly and Colin Irvine

Marcia and Gale Jacobsen

Charles and Marilyn Jacobson

Joan and Stephen Janusz

Dick and Leone Jarvis

Barbara Jenkins

Roberta and Craig Jenkins

Peg Jennings

Karen and Larry Jensen

Aubrey Jeppson

Patricia and Brian Jermeland

Jesse James Country Inn, Inc.

Tammy and John Jirak

Lowell and Barbara Johnson

Winifred and Carrol Johnson

Terry and Tom Johnson

Nancy and Jim Johnson

Joann and Paul Jorgensen

Judith Joyce

Marie Kainer

Stephen Kampa

Kimberly Kandl

Mark Carlson and Anne Karlsen

Tracey Kayoum

Loretta and Richard Keilen

Teena and Richard Ballard Keiser

Tana and Rock Kelly

Gloria Kiester

Donald Kimber

Jeff and Heather King

Jerry Kipp and Rosemary Sharkey

Ann and Allan Kirch

Kenneth and Rosalie Klimisch

Kelsey Klug

Leif and Deb Knecht

Daryl Knudsen

Frank Knudsen

Gerhard and Gloria Knutson

Ann Marie and Robert Knutson

Laurie and Robert Kodet

Arthur and Kathleen Kopseng

Neidra and Howard Krebs

Douglas and Patricia Kriesel

Calvin and Donna Kuhnau

Donna L. Kump

Reuben and Arlet Kvidt

Elizabeth and Richard Lace

Michael and Karen Lane

Susan Larson

Jean Larson

John and Laurie Larson

Debbie and Rich Laven

Danya Leebaw

David Lefkowitz and Elizabeth Lathrop

Leilani and Thomas Legried

Candyce and Kevin Lelm

Reinhold and Lorraine Lemke

Evelyn Leonard

Patricia L. Levesque

Tonyia and Paul Little

Tamara and Timothy Little

Anna Losacano

Leola Lovgren

Charlene Lucken

Nancy and David Ludescher

Ellis and Carol Lysne

Patrick and Karen Olson Mader

Fred Mahoney

Patrick and Jean Mahowald

Diane and Vincent Mako

James and Mara Mangan

Richard Mansfield

Lynette and Alan Marks

Carol and George Marshall

Rob and Pat Martin

Margaret and Lyle Martinson

Janet K. Mathews

Donna and Richard Maus

Linda and David McAdams

Mac and Ruth Abeth McElrath

Thomas and Mary McGovern

Rose Marie and Joesph McGrath

Jerold and Helen McGrath

Janet McGrath

Paul McGuire

Nancy and Kenneth McKenna

Harriet Menard

John and Dorothy Metz

Thomas & Susan Mc Grath Mielenhausen

Kathy and Lowell Wiertsema-Miller

Caroline Millington

Jill and Keith Mischke

Nancy and Richard Moe

John Mitchell

Eleanor Monohon

Jackie and Tom Moon

Barbara and Leonard Moore

Dr. Robert and Ayleen Moore

Marianne and Mark Moors

Charles and Charlotte Morse

Joanee Mosier

Kimberly and Daniel Motzko

Tammy Murphy

Brian Murphy and Lori Pearson

Louise and Robert Murray

Janet and Greg Lewis-Muth

Virginia and Lyle Myers

Jane and Jay Narverud

Connie and Bill Nelson

Jeanette and Arnie Nelson

Karl Nelson and Kristin Partlo

Karen and Gregg Nelson

Joseph and Carole Nesheim

Ann Ness

Stacy Nguyen

Mary and Nick Niebur

Sara and Thomas Nielsen

Carolyn Nitz

David and Debby Nitz

Mary Nitz

Harry Nordstrom

William North and Victoria Morse

Northfield Retirement Center

Brent and Jenny Nystrom

Jane Nystrom

Nance and Michael Nytes

Jean and Eric Odegaard

Geralyn or Dean Odette

Rachel Odette

Brenda and Joseph Oeth

Jaclyn and David Ohmann

David and Julie Oliver

Kathleen and Randy Olson

Steve O’Malley and Paula Manor

Donald Onsgard

Veronica Otte

Mary Ozmun

Katherine Pak

Dorothy Palmquist

Angela and Daniel Palodichuk

Laurel Pankow

Pam and Kevin Parker

Nancy and Stanley Partin

James and Suzanne Pasch

Donna and Burton Paulsen

Jon Rieber and Virginia Paulson

George Paulson

Yvonne and Don Pavek

Constance and Richard Pavek

Lois Pearson

Susan and Pete Pedersen

Linda and Jeffrey Pedersen

Lynne and Charles Pederson

Deney and Chuck Perkins

Christopher and Alison Perry

Terry Petek and David Johnson

Hazel R. Peterson

Helen Peterson

Roberta Peterson

Susan and Robert Peterson

William and Emily Peterson

David and Peggy Pfister

Paula and Michael Plank

Gloria Porter

Prawer-Wieczoreak Insurance

Peter and Regine Prenzel-Guthrie

Bernice C. Pulju

Ramona Pumper

Marilyn and Paul Raadt

Betty and John Raadt

Mary Rah

Lois Rand

Mary Raney

Emelda and Gordon Rasmussen

Myrna and Steven Rasmussen

Richard Rasmussen

Kevin and Sheri Rasmussen

Curtis and Avis Reed

David Reitz

Lois Renneke

Debra Reynolds

Carol Richards

Scott and Patricia Richardson

Lenora Richter

William and Adeline Roadfeldt

Linda and John Rowan

Edward and Dorothy Roy

Katharine and Matthew Ruby

Stephanie and Jeff Ryan

Rosemary Scheremet

James J. Schlichting

Phyllis and Orville Schmidt

Gregory and Barbara Schmidt

Carol Schoen and Greg Colby

Darrell and Carol Schueler

Betsy, Kathleen and J.D. Schuerman

Lindsay and Wally Schuette

Richard and Jane Scott

Heather Scott

Dorothy and James Scott

Susan and Timothy Seabaugh

Paul Sebby

Walter See and Daisy Carpenter

Treasa Severson

Nancy and Thomas Sheldon

Bonnie Sherman

Connie Shimek

Ross and Janet Shoger

Gary and Susan Rundell Singer

Anna Mae Sjogren

Rosella and Francis Skluzacek

Patricia and Donald Skluzacek

Debbie and Len Skluzacek

Eulalie Smestad

Karen and Mark Smetana

Greg and Gwen Smith

Emery and Nancy Solberg

Sons of Norway

Betty and Sid Sorbo

Nancy and Lauren Soth

Gloria and Maynard Spitzack

Diane Splettstoeszer

Lenora St. Martin

Linda and Daniel Stadler

Tim and Christine Stanton

Marcia Stanton

Owen Steberg

Solveig Steendal

Rose Ann and  Robert Steenhoek

Corky and Jim Stenstrom

Linda and Matthew Stenzel

MaryMargaret Strackbein

Lois Stuart

Julie Sunsdahl

Dorothy and Victor Swanson

Kristal and Robert Swanson

Martha Swedin

Nancy Sweeny

Marjorie and David Symens

Judy Tabert

Marjorie Tarr

Pamela and Gregory Taubman

Jean and Dennis Thomas

Gloria Thomas

James and Marnie Thompson

Kristi N. Thompson

Linda and Scott Thorson

Ellen Tichich

Margaret Tilsen

Marian Tise

Jill Titus

Shirley Tollefson

Joan and Norman Torbenson

Lynn and Jeffrey Torgerson

Transformation Northfield

Janet and Jerald Tritch


Angelo and Jacqueline Tulumello

Dolores and Charles Tuma

Dan Underwood

David and Patricia Lunderberg Van Wylen

Lois Vevle

Doneen Viall

Bev and Dick Viken

Michelle and Matt Viken

Patricia and Duane Vincent

Diane Strom and James Vicent

June and Ferdinand Volkert

Rebecca and Vernon Volkert

Richard Von Korff

Thomas and Janet Vosberg

Beth and John Wacholz

Linda and Gary Wagenbach

James and Nancy Walker

Anne and Patrick Wallin

Patricia and David Watkins

Carmella Washburn

Delores Weed

Wells Fargo

Judith Brown-Wescott

Mona and Lael Weselmann

Daniel and Kathy Wett

Sharon Whelan

Lori and Douglas Wiegrefe

Diane Wiese

Diane and Albert White

Jessica White

Robert Will

Patrick Williams

Harry McKinley Williams

Leesa and John Wisdorf

Paul and Kathryn Wise

Harriet Wishnick

Mary and Mark Witt

Stephanie and Eduardo Wolle

Myrna Wright

Stacey and James Zell

Dorinda and Joseph Zweck

James and Rita Zenner

Donations of Cars

Valley Autohaus

Randy and Tammy Christel

Marlys Dewey

Richard Durocher

Craig Green

Laura Hedelson

Linne Jensen

Charlotte Melin and Matthew Rohn

Kay and Kevin O’Connell

Ross and Janet Shoger

Dean and Sam Sunderlin

Julia Uleberg Swanson

Kenneth Wedding and Nancy Ashmore

Every effort has been made to ensure our records are accurate. Please accept our sincerest apologies if we have made an error or omission. To correct our records, please contact Kathy Bjerke at 507-664-3550 or e-mail bjerke.kathy@communityactioncenter.org.

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The Community Action Center is a private, nonprofit organization serving the greater Northfield area whose mission is to promote a healthy, caring and just community for all people through resources, advocacy and volunteer effort.

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Foodshelf - Open
April 17, 11:00am – 5:00pm
Produce Distribution
April 17, 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Thursday's Table
April 17, 5:00pm – 6:30pm
Food Shelf -- Open
April 18, 11:00am – 5:00pm
Produce Distribution
April 18, 4:00pm – 5:00pm

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