Honor Roll of Donors

We are incredibly grateful for many gifts we’ve received in support of our mission to create a just community for all people. In addition to the monetary gifts listed below, hundreds of vital in-kind gifts were made throughout the year.   Thank you for your contribution.  The following gifts were received between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011.

Bethel Lutheran Church
Carleton College
Claire and Gerald Ericksen
Dr. and Mrs. Tim Mckone
Scott McMillan
Minnesota Community Foundation
Neuger Communications Group, Inc.
Northfield Hospital
Northfield Public Schools
Robert and Liz Shepley
St. John’s Lutheran Church
Mark and Mary Werner

JOHN NORTH SOCIETY: $2,500–$4,999
Teresa and Robert Ballentine
Carlson Capital Management, Inc.
Church of St. Dominic
Loraine and William Cowles
Emmaus Baptist Church
First United Church of Christ
Kathleen Rice and Gregory Loek
Nadine and William Steele
Shelley and Michael Strobel

MARY WOOD CIRCLE: $1,000–$2,499
Mark and Diana Abbott
All Saints Episcopal Church
Gene and Susan Bauer
Jim Blaha
Linda Blaisdell
Jane Blockhus and Henry Emmons
David and Martha Brown
Robert and Lin Mclaughlin Bruce
David and Anne Brust
Susan Lamson Bundy and Russell Bundy
Community Resource Bank
First National Bank of Northfield
Rhemi Abrams-Fuller
Gerald and Carol Gengenbach
Leota and Stephen Goodney
Debbie Hadas and Bob Hanson
Dennis and Janet Hahn
John and Peggy Hanson
Kathryn Haugen
Deanna Haunsperger and Stephen kennedy
Robert Hickcox and Jacqueline Henry
Highview Christiania Lutheran Church
Lois Lindbloom
Cindy and Eric Lundin
Perry and Judith Mason
Rachel Matney and Fritz Bogott
John and Sharon McManus
Barbara and Bradley Nelson
Northfield Church Softball League
Rebecca and Derek Otten
Priscilla Paton and David Anderson
People in Business Care
Donald L. Sahling
Linda and James Sawyer
Peter and Emily Schmitz
Richard and ReJean Schulte
Dean and Sam Sunderlin
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
United Methodist Church
Gary and Bonnie Van Erp
Joan and Thomas Varley
Matt and Megan Wagner
Ginny and Larry Walsh
Jim and Mary Weidner
Marilyn and Paul Weiser
Elizabeth and Steven Wheeler
Brad and Veronica Wille
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Williams
William and Mary Duff Woehrlin

Cheryl and Robert Anderson
Steven Bayne and Donna McMillan
Arthur and Mavis Bell
Duane and Marie Benson
Scott and Faith Bergemann
Tim Blaha
Valerie and Gary Bollinger
Betsey Buckheit and Justin London
Arthur and Georgiana Campbell
Carol Carlson
Scott Carpenter and Anne Maple
Central Valley
Rodney and Deborah Christensen
Christiania Evangelical Lutheran Church
Bruce and Stephanie Christians
Patrice and Steven Ciernia
Richard and Sandra Clayton
Patty and Greg Closser
Susan Crow and William Metz
James and Mary Quinn Crow
Dennison Lions Club
Rev. Daniel and Cahrene Dimick
Feinstein Family Fund
James and Beverly Finholt
Patrick and Kathleen Foley
Timothy Gamble
Jeanette Hartley and Fred Rogers
Vera Haugen
Gene Henning and Jane Gambucci
Eldon and Doris Hill
Cecil and Marian Hutton
Gary and Andrea Iseminger
Jennifer Cox Johnson and William Johnson
Kirsten and Jay Johnson
Pat Johnson
Rebecca Judge and Anthony Becker
Joanne Jonson Kilde
Barbara and George Klosinski
Land O’ Lakes, Inc.
Cecilia Linstroth
Little Prairie United Methodist Church
Virginia and Richard Lorang
Heather and Steve Malecha
Dajah McFall and Scott Code
Derek Melby
Gary and Rebecca Messer
Adrienne Mohrig
Janet and Greg Lewis-Muth
Northfield Lions Club
Northfield Pharmacy
Northfield Quilters
Northfield Rescue Squad Association
Paul and Deaun Peterson
Bonnie Peterson
Frank and Sandra Petricka
David and Jane Remes
Jane and Dennis Rinehart
Ronald and Bettye Ronning
Brynhild Rowberg
Alan Rubenstein
Jane Runzheimer and Mark Labenski
Connie Bragonier Ryberg
Donna Rae and Peter Scheffert
Susan Sheridan
Cynthia Skala
John and Greta Smith
Julie Sogla
Marci Sortor
Margaret Spear
St. Olaf College
St. peter’s Lutheran Church
Trent and Kelle Steenblock
Stephen and Dana Strand
Donald Sward
William Talen
Clifford and Candyce Taylor
Tri-Lakes Sportsmen Club
Trinity Lutheran Church
Clark and Eve Webster
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Wickmann
Jim and Jane Williams
James Williamson
David and Linda Wolf

Ag Star Financial Services, ACA
Jeanne and Phillip Agee
Helen Albers
Randall K. Albers
Alton Foundation
Marin and Dana
Janie and Bob Anderson
John and Susan Anderson
Jerome and Karen Appeldoorn
David and Joey Appleyard
ARTech Charter School
Nancy Ashmore
Marlys Ayotte
Heather and JiSoo Bae
Solveig Bailey
Vern and Marilyn Bailey
Katherine Baker and Dennis Easley
Ken and Rhonda Bank
Dianne and Michael Barrett
David and Deborah Becker
Duane and Ann Behling-Wolf
Elizabeth and Ryan Behrens
David and Sarah Beimers
Thomas and Elaine Bell
Betty Benjamin
Melissa and Michael Berthelsen
Judy and Jim Bickel
John and Margaret Bierman
kathy Bjerke and Jim Haas
Cynthia Blaha and Keith Goetz
Mary Kay Blaha
Pamela and Thomas Blazina
Michael Boehne
Robert and Barbara Bonner
Bernard and Linda Borene
Diane Boyum
Brick Oven Bakery DHW Inc.
Dave Broske
Judith Broske
Laura and James Brown
Cheryl and David Buck
Vicki and Steven Burgess
Darlene Callister
Cannon Valley Friends Meeting
Nancy and Richard Cantwell
Charles Carlin
Bill and Charlotte Carlson
Faye and Carl Caskey
Betty and Mike Chapman
Jessica L. Chen
Karen Cherewatuk
Dean Christensen and Joyce Francis
Ruth Christensen
Jane Christian
Bob and Suzannah Ciernia
Ron and Diane Cirksena
City of Northfield
Chris and Latharine Clark
Clifford and Grace Clark
Elizabeth Closner
Judith and Mark Code
Kelly Connole and Anne Haddad
Margaret Corrigan
Judith W. Covey
Lori and Dwayne Cowdin
Ray and Ellen Cox
Barbara and Richard Crouter
Earl J. and Mary Lou Crow
Maureen and J. Kevin Culhane
Penny Cupp
Olga Dale
Elizabeth Daley
Bruce Dalgaard and Carol Korda
David Folland Violins
Patricia and Larry DeFries
Mr. and Mrs. Dike Deitchler
Sen. Al and Carol Dekruif
Peggy and Terry Dell
Bryce Detlie
Roxzanne and Thomas Devney
Charlotte and Raymond Devries
Eugene and Carol Dierksen
Carol Donelan and Shannon Spahr
Anne and Edward Dougherty
Mary and Patrick Douglass
Miriam and Bobbi Drake Bolton
Mary and Steven Drew
Michelle and Darwin
Dundas Study Club
Mary Dunnewold and Jeffrey Ondich
Thomas and Megan Durkin
Steven and Joann Eaton
Ellen and Jeff Eckhoff
Steven and Debora Elling
Helen and John Ellinger
Gene and Margaret Enders
James Enestvedt
Christopher and Joan Ennis
Sarah and Robert Entenmann
Jerilyn and David Erickson
Nina Errington
Jim and Shirley Evans
Duane Everson
Kenneth and Jill Ewald
Buford and Deborah Faust
Pat Fick
Theresa Cervenka Fierst
Margaret and Kevin Fink
Jennifer Fischer
Karlo and Susie Fischer
James and Renee Flaherty
Dudley Flamm
Robert Flaten
Michael Flynn and Angelica Dietz
Gordon and Jan Forbes
Sarah and Matthew Forster
Pat Forsyth
Gerald Fox and Kevin Ely
Claire and Eugene Fox
Edwin and Carol Fox
Frandsen Bank & Trust
Mary Fransen and Jim Johnson
John and Linda Frederick
Donna and Dale Fredrickson
Alan and Sonja Freeland
Carolyn and Eric Fure-Slocum
Fred J. Gaggioli Jr.
Elizabeth Galbraith and Michael Hemesath
Sherry and Gregory Gelineau
Robert and Jane Gelle
Karen Gervais
Marie Gery
Vicki Glasgow and Catherine Kelley
Mark Gleason and Kristi Wermager
Lois and Richard Goehtz
Amy and Richard Goerwitz
Gold Country Investment Club
Betty Goldiamond
Goodbye Blue Monday Corp.
Kristine and Richard Goodwin
Beverly Gorr
Paul and Barbara Grabowski
Mark and Kathy Grandquist
The Graphic Mailbox
Cynthia Green
Douglas Green and Becky Boling
Bryan and Stacey Greer
Nancy and Scott Gregerson
Marlene and Duane Grensteiner
Beret Griffith
Karen Grisim
Mary Lewis D. Grow
Judith and Marvin Grundhoefer
Annette and Jack Gust
Jack and Rosemary Haas
Daniel and Shari Hagen
John Hahn and Melissa Reeder
David and Patricia Halsor
Mary Hance
Jerry and Liz Hankins
Peggy Hanson
George and Gretchen Hardgrove
Jeanne and Steven Tangren Hatle
Laura Heiman
Karl and Dao Hella
Karen M. Helland
Barbara and Matthew Helling
Dolores and Alvin Hille
Penelope Hillemann
Mary and Matthew Hillmann
Patricia and Robert Hohertz
Nathan Holden
Eugene Holmgren
Torild and Keith Homstad
Elizabeth Ann Horst
Michael and Barbara Howell
Dorothy Howie
Richard and Denise Hucka
Bonnie and Paul Humke
Patricia and Robert Huschle
Elizabeth O. Hutchins
Gary and Debra Hvass
Marion Hvistendahl
Susan and Douglas Ims
Joseph and Jeanette Iverson
Loren and Mavis Jacobsen
Carol and Ronald James
JBT FoodTech
Tanya Lynn Jirele
Arlo and Susan Johnson
Georgene M. Johnson
Holly Johnson
Myrna Johnson
Teena and Richard Ballard Keiser
Kildahl Park Pointe Cooperative
Judith A. King-Harvey
Virginia and George Kinney
Julie Klassen
Paul and Anne Klinefelter
Edward Klinkhammer
Mary and John Klockeman
Barbara Knaak
Charlene Erickson-Knox & Randall Knox
Karil Kucera
Donavon and Lois Kuehnast
Kenneth and Kristine Kuhn
Donna L. Kump
Judy Kutulas and Mike Fitzgerald
Edward and Lois Langerak
Ann and Larry Larson
Loren and Elizabeth Larson
Paula Lawrence
Dr. Walter and Thelma Lee
Willy Lee
Beverly Legler
Gayle F. Lewis
Carolyn and Glenn Lindroos
William and Lullo Lindstrom
Sharon Lodien
Margaret and Michael Ludwig
Edward and Ann Lufkin
Donald Lum and Denise Intihar-Lum
James R. Lundell
Charles Lunder
Kent and Ann Lundstrom
Lutheran Home of the Cannon valley
Patrick and Karen Olson Mader
Daniel and Mary Magnuson
Efren and Pamela Maldonado
Malt-O-Meal Company
Natalie and Gregory Marfleet
Susan Marsh
Donna and Richard Maus
Ann and Mike McGovern
Rose Marie and Joseph McGrath
Paul McGuire
Peter and Peggy Klassen
Jane McWilliams
Harriet Menard
Joan Metcalf
Todd and Sue Middleton
Ernest and Phyllis Foote Milbrandt
Rhea and David Miller
Janet Mitchell
Audrey and Bruce Moe
Charles Moore and Ellen Chamberlain
Moravian Church
Charles and Charlotte Morse
Edward Muniak and Erin Barnett
Suzanne Nakasian and Peter Balaam
Elsie Nelsen
Kristin Nelson and Andreas Thurnheer
Rhonda Nelson
Susan and Richard Nelson
Scott and Elaine Nesbit
Dale and Linda Ness
Thomas and Marilyn Neuville
Caryll and Larry Newland
Andrea Nixon and paula lackie
John and Jean Noack
Richard and Raymonde Noer
Sue and Roger Norsted
Northfield Evangelical Free Church
Tim O’Connell
Frank and Joan Odd
Douglas and Sue Oines
Douglas and Peggy Olmanson
Arnold Ostebee and Kay Smith
Dean and Dorothy Ostlie
Donna and Burton Paulsen
Susan and Pete Pedersen
Lynne and Charles Pederson
PEO Chapter FR
Pamela Percy and Roger Jackson
Kenneth and Jane Persons
Kurt Peters and Lise Faillettaz
Douglas and Mary Kay Peterson
Hazel R. Peterson
Silas Peterson
John Pfeiffer
David and Peggy Pfister
Carol Pfleiderer
Bob and Thora Phelps
Bill Poehlmann and Beverly Pierce
Michael and Berta Porterfield
Steven and Jane Hofer Poskanzer
Diethelm and Peggy Prowe
Zachary Pruitt
William E. Quick
Susan and Mark Quinnell
Mary Raney
Emelda and Gordon Rasmussen
Red Barn Music Co-op
Bert and Bernie Reese
David Reitz
Arlene and Richard Reller
Elizabeth K. Robb Reppe
Jean Reuter
David and Mary Rice
Carol Richards
Kathleen and Daryl Rieck
Joy Riggs and Steven Lawler
Myrtle Ringlien
Bruce and Penny Rippentrop
Karen and Paul Roback
Beverly and Sidney Roberts
Cynthia and Marc Robinson
Nanette and Kevin Rodgers
Sheila Roehrick
Janice Roetzel
Jon and Jeanette Rondestvedt
Donald and Clare Roos
Susan and Cris Roosenraad
Paul and Anne Meyer Ruppel
Kathleen and Gerald Sackmaster
Kay and Kenneth Sahlin
Mary Savina
Juliana and Daniel Sayner
Bron and Geniene Scherer
James J. Schlichting
Juanita and Jason Schoenbauer
Judi and Jim Schuenke
Darylle and Arnie Schultz
Kathleen and Douglas Schuurman
Pamela and Jack Schwandt
Richard and Jane Scott
Keith and Gail Setterstrom
Lynne and John Severson
Charles and Lorraine Sewich
Shirley and Stewart Shaft
Mary and Joseph Shaw
Patty and Mark Shaw
Bonnie Sherman
Janet and Ross Shoger
George Shuffelton
David and Donna Sindelar
Gary and Susan Rundell Singer
David and Mary Alice Sipfle
Arlene Sivanich
Karen and Mark Smetana
Corinne Smith
Charlotte and Bardwell Smith
Myron and Carol Solid
Solor Lutheran Church
Kathleen and Dale Sommers
Betty and Sid Sorbo
Edward Sostek
Gary and Dee Ann Spillman
Barbara Spurrier
St. Olaf Athletic Department
St. Olaf College Registrar’s Office
Fred and Lori Stanley
Charles and Rachel Stark
Scott and Jan Stark
Lynn and Mary Steen
Michelle and John Stenz
Norris and Joyce Stephenson
Sonya Steven
Julie Stoesz
David and Sheryl Strachan
Kenneth Stuckmayer
Jacob Styburski
Julie and Bob Sullivan
Dorothy and Victor Swanson
Judy and Steve Swanson
Phyllis J. Swanson
Curt and Karen Swenson
Sally and Daniel Swenson
Syngenta Seeds
Teri Takehiro and Mark Hansell
Erika and Dan Tallman
James Tallon and Bonita Labosky
Paul and Judith Tarabek
Paul Thiboutot
Kathy and Christopher Thomforde
Three links Apartments
Margaret Tilsen
Dagmar and Robert Tisdale
Jill Titus
Joan and Norman Torbenson
United Methodist Church of Castle Rock
Constance Van Pelt
Marlene and Richard Vanasek
Donna Mae and Robert Vanderhoof
Sharon vangsness
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Norman Vig and Carol Oliver
Patricia and Duane Vincent
Beth and Edward Vivant
David Wagner and Jenny Howenstine
James and Nancy Walker
Peter Webb and Karen Saxe
DeWayne and Theo Wee
Joel Weisberg and Janet Watchman
Carol and Brian Weix
Doris Welke and Richard Debeau
Linda and Jim White
Beth Wickum
Marilyn Will
Janice and Roger Willems
Linda and Timothy Willgohs
Ed and Arlene Williams
Laurie Williams and Jesse Streitz
Roger and Candace Williams
Lisa Wisdorf
Genevieve Wise
Celena and Arnold Witt
Helen Voss Woehrlin
Frank and Ann Wright
Myrna Wright
Cathy Yandell and Mark McNeil
Lynne and James Young
Kathleen Yung
Sari and Mark Zach
Paul Zorn and Janet Petri
Rebecca and Philip Zrimsek
Karen and Mark Zwolenski

Nancy Aarsvold
Anne and Robert Aby
David and Martys Ackerman
Margaret Ahlstrom
Kami and Darin Aho
Jan Albers and Paul Monod
Stephen Albers and Catherine Larson
Barbara Aldrich
Beth Alexander
Amy Lynn and Kevin Allin
Barbara and Dennis Altstaetter
Mary and David Amy
Bruce Anderson and Anne Larson
Connie Anderson
Karen and Brian Anderson
Keith and Beverly Anderson
Linda Anderson
Larry and Marilyn Anthony
Lawrence Archbold
Daniel and Marian Arnoldi
Sheila and Jeffrey Atkinson
Robert and Mari Aylin
Eugene and Lois Bakko
Linda and Melvin Banks
Gwendolyn Barnes-Karol
Bette Bass
Deborah Bauer
Roxanne Baumann
Mary and Paul Beck
Whitney and Brian Bengen
Allan Berg
Liz and Frank Berry
Jennifer and Terry Bestul
Sandy and Ron Beumer
Kathryn and James Bishop
Elizabeth Bjorkman
Rebecca Bliss
Keith Bode
Rev. Dr. Armand and Judith Boehme
Peder Bolstad
Aino Bornfleth and Judith Stanley
Marilyn Boschee
Deloris and Robert Boudreau
Mary Ellen Bowe
Arliss Boyum
Laurel Bradley
Jeanette Brandt
Eileen and Marvin Braxton
Diane Brodigan
Sharon and Gordon Broske
Karen and Warren Broughton
Catherine and Gregory Brown
Mary Ann and Dennis Brown
Dr. Jon and Grace Buck
William and Julia Burmesch
Scott Burnet and Courtney Nagle
Evelyn Burry
David Burton
Shirley Cannamore
Cannon Valley Lions Club
Sarah Carlsen and Bradley Hoff
Linda Carpenter
Nancy and Michael Carriel
Nancy Casper
June and John Chester
Nancy and William Child
Bernice Christensen
Sallie Clark
Brian and Cynthia Cloherty
Thomas Coffield and Patricia Schiltgen
Richard and Katherine Collman
William Cook
Corbett Chiropractic
Doug and Ruth Crane
Mary Jo Cristofaro-Hark
Elizabeth and Michael Crombie
Al and Eleanor Croone
Cleve and Sheila Crowningshield
Larry Cummans
Diane Daehlin
Julie Ann Dahlgren
Laura Daily
John and Gwen Daniels
Cherry Danielson
Carly Davidson
Kathi and Donald Davisson
Kelly Debnam and Paul Graham
Graham Dee
Connie and Gary DeGrote
Elaine Deim
Charles and Audrey DeMann
Rebecca and Douglas DeMann
Sarah Dennett and Hans Muessig
Amy and Timothy Desutter
Daniel and Darcy Deutsch
Katherine and Gary Deutsch
Leonard DeWolfe
Sarah Dimick
Judith Dirks
Camilla and Don Docken
Mary C. Doerr
Dana and Larry Donkers
David Drentlaw and Wendy Smith
Gloria and Merlin Dubbels
Cheryl Dueffert
Jacqueline and Daron Dulac
Susan Dunhaupt
Cynthia Dunlop
Jody and Paul Eddy
Edward Jones
Jennifer and Steve Edwins
Andrea Een
Gretchen and John Ehresmann
Craig and Mary Ann Ellingboe
A. Christine Ellison
Lisa and Steven Emery
Joseph and Beth Endert
Ken and Dana Engstrom
Marlene Engstrom
Elise Erickson
Lila Esse
Adriana Estill
Jeanne and Mark Estrem
Shirley Falck
Brian Farber
Patricia and William Farmer
Guinevere Fausch
Debra Fawcett
Gilbert and Eileen Felton
James Fergerson
Phyllis and Jon Finger
Robert Finke
Carol and Georg Fischer
Mark and Holly Fischer
Jill and Benjamin Fisher
Burton Fleming
Mike Flicker and Rika Ito
Melissa Flynn and Paul Hager
Mary Kay and Bruce Forland
Catherine Fortin
Fortune Cookies Investment
Douglas J. Foxgrover
Mary Ellen and William Frame
Frandsen Financial Corporation
Amy and Timothy Franklin
Margit Fredrickson
Todd Fredrickson
Martha and Merle Fremouw
Jodine Friedow
Gerald and Shelley Friesen
Pablo Gallardo
Patrick and Meaghen
Hoang Ganey
Laura and Charles Geissler
Samuel and Curwin Gett
Stella and Gary Gilbertson
Allan and Nicole Gill
Tracy and Gregg Giza
Diane and Matt Goethel
David and katarzyna Gonnerman
Ann Gosack
Nina and Allen Gould
Kathryn and Thomas Graham
Marjorie Grande
Nathan and Heather Holen Grawe
Maureen and Eugene Greden
Cecelia and Allan Green
Dana Greene
Harriet Gregerson
Barbara and William Gregory
Cynthia and Glen Grisim
Lorraine and Peter Grossman
Roberta and Michael Groth
Anne H. Groton
Maile L. Grumm and Lane Johnson
Charles and Marlys Gunderson
Timothy Gustafson and Ann Agrimson
Guth Electric Inc.
William Guyer
Helene Haapala and Connie Martin
Karin Haas
Emmamarie Haasl
Betty and David Habermas
Marie Ann Hagen
Susan Hagen and Kenneth Ruckh
Nancy L. Hagerty
Jean Hale
Christy and Olaf Hall-Holt
Eleanor and Norman Halverson
Maxine Halverson
Goldie and Orlien Halvorson
Lana Hammer
Alvin Handelman and Carol Holly
Alice Hanson
Allen and Lorraine Hanson
Robert and Clara Hardy
Joe and Kathryn Hargis
Dennis and Marlys Harris
Robin and Paul Hart Ruthenback
Eleanor T. Hasse
Gerald and Karen Hasse
Karna and Bob Hauck
Mary and David Hauck
Marilyn Haugen
Tammy and Charles Hayes
Nancy and Darin Hegland
Elvin and Corrine Heiberg
Heights Finance
Dennis Henry
Joan Hepburn
Shirley Herreid
Jeffrey and Mary Herzog
Joanne Hester
Alice Highman
Janet Hill
Rochelle Hill
Steven Hillson and kristin Haugan
Joan Hinderscheit
David Hirdler
Kerry Hjelmgren
Mary Matchefts Ho and Alvin Ho
Merry and Gerald Hoekstra
Heather Hoffman
Kristi and Barry Holden
Holy Land Brand, Inc.
Jeanette and James Hooper
Billy and Jane Savage Horton
Seth Huiras
Jody and Mike Hulhollam
Robin Huro
Melinda Hutchinson and Robert Friedman
Susan Hvistendahl
Linda Irrthum
Marcia and Gale Jacobsen
Marilyn and Charles Jacobson
Stephen and Joan Janusz
Dick and Leone Jarvis
Barbara Jenkins
Randolph Jennings and Mary Griep
Jesse James Country Inn, Inc.
Tammy and John Jirak
Christina Johnson
Curtis and Ruth Johnson
Jeannine Johnson
Sonia and Gary Johnson
Winifred and Carrol Johnson
Nancy Johnson-Maloney
Paul and Joann Jorgensen
Judith Joyce
Robert and Elaine Kadow
Mariko Kaga
Kristin and Philip Kasten
Loretta and Richard Keilen
Tana and Rock Kelly
Thomas and Karen Kempke
Patricia Kight
Julie and Dale Kimber
Sandy Kimmes and Greg Kneser
Marcea and Thomas King
Jerry Kipp and Rosemary Sharkey
Sue and Robert Kirchberg
Shane Kitzman
Rich and Elizabeth Kleber
Robert Klein
Thomas Kleve and Kimberlee Keller
Rosalie and Kenneth Klimisch
Joshua and Karen Klindworth
Joy Kluttz
Daryl Knudsen
Frank Knudsen
larry Knudsen
Ann Marie and Robert Knutson
Lois Kodada
Roman and Theresa Kopp
Dolores and Andrew Kornkven
Thomas Kotula
Neidra and Howard Krebs
Christine Krejci
Patricia and Douglas Kriesel
Duane and Elaine Kringen
Gloria and Mark Krusemeyer
Ruth Krusen
Reuben and Arlet Kvidt
Elizabeth and Richard Lace
Bernice E. Lantz
Veronica and Julius Laroy
Christine and Kurt Arndorfer Larson
Jean Larson
John and Laurie Larson
Bernadette Lawlor
David Lefkowitz and Elizabeth Lathrop
Julie Legg
Sally and Ross Legrand
Candyce and Kevin Lelm
Reinhold and Lorraine Lemke
Teresa and Brady Lenzen
Debra and Michael Lesmeister
Patricia L. Levesque
Sonia V. Lien
Steve and Lynette Lindberg
Anna and Louis Linhart
Hilary and James Long
Odd and Else Lovoll
Beverly Lubbers
Kristin and Eric Lucas
David and Nancy Ludescher
Deborah and David Ludwig
John and Jeanne Lygre
Jim and Marilyn Machacek
Mary Madison and Brad Gatzlaff
Patrick and Jean Mahowald
Diane and Vincent Mako
Arlen and Rachel Malecha
Arlene and Dale Malecha
Lorilee Malecha
Melvin Malecha
Rebecca Maring
Mary and David Maroney
Carol and George Marshall
Kendra and Steven Martin
Pat and Rob Martin
Margaret and Lyle Martinson
Janet K. Mathews
Tony and Cheryl Mathison
Angeline Matson
Ann and Mark May
James and Donna May
Anne Mayer
Heribertha Mbele
Ruth Ellen McCarty
Martha McChesney
Dennis and Sandra McClintock
Stacy and Ken McCloud
James and Jane McDonnell
Leora McGee
Mary and Thomas McGovern
Jerold and Helen McGrath
Charlotte Melin and Matthew Rohn
Diane and Gregg Menning
Dorothy and John Metz
Rhonda and Anthony Meyer
LaDonna and Joseph Miller
Terrance L. Miller
Janice Mitchell
John Mitchell
Michael and Mary Mitchell
Michelle and James Moad
Nancy and Richard Moe
Molly and Derek Moen
Janice Monnot
Norma Monroe
Karen Montgomery
Jackie and Tom Moon
Philomena Morrissey and Eric Satre
Kimberly and Daniel Motzko
Lori and Kirk Muhlenbruck
Tammy and Adam Murphy
Leon Narvaez
Alice Nasby
Amanda and Jose Navejas
Donald B. Neary
Arlene and William Neil
Marianne Neitzel
Alyce Nelson
Connie and Bill Nelson
Friederike and Jon Eric Nelson
Karl Nelson and Kristin Partlo
Marilyn and Thomas Nelson
Revae Nelson
Ross and Karen Nelson
Hannah Nerenhausen
Ann Ness
Kathy and Brad Ness
Louis Newman and Amy Eiberg
Mary and Nick Niebur
Dale and Deb Norberg-Meyer
Harry and Sally Nordstrom
Northfield Fire Department
Northfield Public Library
Dayna Clemment Norvold
Randvig and Douglas Norvold
Nancy and Michael Nytes
Kay and Kevin O’Connell
Colleen and Jerry O’Connor
Elin Odegaard
Jean and Eric Odegaard
Geralyn and Dean Odette
Rachel Odette
Karen Oiseth
Catherine and David Olson
Steve O’Malley and Paula Manor
Connie and Clement Omeara
Patsy and John Ophaug
Mary Otte
John and Sujata Owens
Katherine Tegtmeyer Pak
Angela and Daniel Palodichuk
Laurel Pankow
Nikolas and Nicole Papke
Virginia Paulson
Constance and Richard Pavek
Yvonne and Don Pavek
Deney and Chuck Perkins
Maynard and Margaret Peterson
Ted and Tricia Peterson
Sandy Petrek
Amy and Robert Pfefferle
Bonita and Kenneth Prawer
Joan and Paul Prefontaine
Premier Bank Minnesota
Marilyn E. Prevost
Michelle Pautzke Pritchard
Hannah Puczko
Bernice C. Pulju
Lydia Quanbeck and Dagfinn Moe
Donna and J.R. Quinlan
Betty and John Raadt
Marilyn and Paul Raadt
Lois Rand
Rare Pair
Richard Rasmussen
Nancy and Charles Rechtzigel
Anne and Lynn Redmond
Brad Reiland Enterprises, Inc.
Patricia Reilly
Robert and Joan Reitz
Nancy Reuvers
Charles and Tammy Rezac
Carrie and Rory Rice
Scott and Patricia Richardson
Maxine and David Richter
Suzanne Riesman
William and Adeline Roadfeldt
Jan and Daniel Rohwer
Victoria Roller
Joanne Rone
Suzanne M. Rook
Troy Ros
Kara and Ronald Rossmeisl
Linda and John Rowan
Elizabeth and Neil Rowley
Katharine and Matthew Ruby
Marietta and Stanley Ruppe
Carol and Roland Rutz
Viola Tripp Ryder
Julia Samples
Steve and Susan Sanderson
Carolyn Sanford
Thomas M. Sapp
Kelly Sauber
Rosemary Scheremet
Doug and Barbara Schetnan
Orville and Phyllis Schmidt
Deborah and Richard Schmidt-Erickson
Carol Schoen and Greg Colby
Cora and Bob Scholz
Sheryl Schrader
Carol and Darrell Schueler
Roseann and Steven Schweisthal
Peg Schwendeman
Heather Scott
Paul Sebby
Ruth Sellers
George and Leslie Selvy
Jan Senn
Nancy and Thomas Sheldon
Jean Sherwin
Connie Shimek
Victoria and Arnold Shimota
Pam and Ken Sholtz
Amy Sillanpa
Susan Sinning
Anna Mae Sjogren
Jennifer Skalski
Patricia and Donald Skluzacek
Rosella Skluzacek
AnneMarie and Derrick Skoglund
Nancy Snesrud
Emery and Nancy Solberg
Anthony and Andria Sommers
Ruth and Ronald Sommers
Nancy and Lauren Soth
Carolyn Soule
Gloria and Maynard Spitzack
Lenora St. Martin
Linda and Daniel Stadler
Rhonda and Knight Stanley
Owen Steberg
Solveig Steendal
Rose Ann and Robert Steenhoek
Dorothy Steffens
Jim and Corky Stenstrom
Julie and Mitch Stephenson
Peter and Lisa Stevens
Joan Stoesz
Michael and Amy Stowe
Lois and Noel Stratmoen
Betsy and Marc Straub
Dan and Cindy Streitz
Diane Strom and James Vicent
Nicole Strusz-Mueller
Lois Stuart
Corliss Swain
Lynette and Scott Swanson
Merri and Ronald Swanson
Martha and Mike Swedin
Marjorie and David Symens
Judy Tabert
Charles Taliaferro and Jil Evans
Marjorie Tarr
Jane and Noel Tetreault
Therese Whitesong Agency
Melissa and Gary Thomas
Kristi N. Thompson
Julie and Howard Thorsheim
Carleen and Theodore Thurnblad
Elaine Thurston
John and Mary Tierney
Teresa Tillson
Jill and Rolf Tollefson
Diane and Keith Torbenson
Lynn and Jeffrey Torgerson
Ron Trcka and Therese E. Barnett
Janet and Jerald Tritch
Patsy Trusty
Mary Tulp
Dolores and Charles Tuma
Rose and Dale Turnacliff
Anne and Milton Ulmer
Dan Underwood
Lori and David Urke
Melanie and Thomas Van Hon
Bernice VanNostrand
Paul and Sandra Varley
Daria Vigesaa
Karl and Ann Bjork Vohs
June and Ferdinand Volkert
Suzanne and Robert Vondrasek
Thomas and Janet Vosberg
Michelle and Dwayne Vosejpka
Anne and Patrick Wallin
Jon Walser-Kuntz
Marcia Walters
Patricia and David Watkins
Norman Watt and Barbara Smith
Kenneth Wedding and Nancy Ashmore
Mona and Lael Weselmann
Miriam West
Julie Westerback
Thomas Wetmore
Breanna Wheeler
Nathan and Jessica Peterson White
Jamie and Travis Wiebe
Gerald and Ann Wieber-Young
Lori and Douglas Wiegrefe
Robert Will
Willie’s Shoe Service
Howard G. Wilson
Leesa and John Wisdorf
Paul and Kathryn Wise
Mary and Mark Witt
Mary and Paul Wojick
Allison Wolf and Gerald Wilhelm
Allen and Sheila Wolkenhauer
Mary Beth Youngblut and Paul Fried
Jo Ann Youngren
Beverly Zartwell
Stacey and James Zell
Julie and Thomas Zenk
Erica Zweifel

Church World Service
Emergency Food & Shelter Program
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Friends Anonymous
Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches
Hunger Solutions of Minnesota
MN Department of Human Services
Northfield Area United Way
Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless
Pohlad Family Foundation
Rice County Family Services Collaborative
South Central College
Three Rivers Community Action
US Housing & Urban Development

Every effort has been made to ensure our records are accurate. Please accept our sincerest apologies if we have made an error or omission. To correct our records, please contact Kathy Bjerke at 507-664-3550 or email bjerke.kathy@communityactioncenter.org.


The Community Action Center is a private, nonprofit organization serving the greater Northfield area whose mission is to promote a healthy, caring and just community for all people through resources, advocacy and volunteer effort.

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September 2, 12:00pm – 7:00pm
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September 2, 6:00pm – 7:00pm
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September 4, 11:00am – 5:00pm
Produce Distribution
September 4, 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Thursday's Table
September 4, 5:00pm – 6:30pm

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